Beat ‘Corporate Shoe Syndrome’ with Carnation Tip Toes

CSS n. acronym. for Corporate Shoe Syndrome: a disorder of the foot created by stylish heels worn in a corporate environment, resulting in the total loss of comfort, footwear and style.

Corporate Shoe Syndrome (CSS) is a sad, painful reality for thousands of career women who have a penchant for stilettos. CSS sufferers are vulnerable to seduction by sky-high, spike-heeled shoes, which can lead to impulsive decisions and result in totally impractical corporate footwear purchases.

After several hours in the workplace, the searing agony of CSS takes hold. Sufferers are reduced to wandering the office barefoot or donning a pair of trainers that clash horribly with tailored pencil skirts.

It’s simply wrong to ask women everywhere to compromise their style, so experts at Carnation Footcare have devised a solution for CSS sufferers.

The brand new range of Carnation Tip Toes is designed to prevent high-heels rubbing, slipping and causing pain, allowing you to wear the highest and hippest heels all day long – throughout staff briefings, lunch meetings and even during the trek to and from work.

Carnation’s original Tip Toes Invisible Gel Pads, which stop the balls of your feet aching, are now joined by Invisible Gel Heel Shields, Invisible Gel Spots and Invisible Gel Strap Strips – all designed to prevent rubbing and pressure on different parts of your feet.

Easy to fit and made from a clear gel, Carnation Tip Toes are ultra slim and discreet.  Simply insert the appropriate product into your shoes, then put on your heels and hit the board room. The non-slip gel allows Tip Toes to stay firmly in place, so you can work all day long without swapping stylish heels for tasteless trainers.

The new Tip Toes Invisible Gel Heel Shields, Spots and Strap Strips are designed to be disposed of after several uses, however the original Gel Pads can be washed in warm soapy water and dried naturally, ready for another day at the office.

The full Carnation Footcare Tiptoes range is available from our website