Cold weather warning: get set to sparkle with silver

This winter, temperatures are set to plummet to record-breaking lows, but before you rush out to stockpile on sheepskin and fork out for fleeces, there is an option to avoid serious woolly overload, Carnation Silversocks.

Typical thick, winter socks are the perfect environment for odour-causing bacteria to thrive (and great for stretching shoes too) as moisture can easily collect between the fibres. However, Silversocks are made with pure silver threads, which are anti-microbial to kill over 400 types of nasty bugs, keeping feet sweat and odour-free.

The unique fibres in Silversocks act as a natural heat thermostat, regulating foot temperature and helping to keep toes toasty when the temperature drops. The silver will not wash out nor lose its thermal and antibacterial properties over time, so will keep feet warm from winter to winter, and keep feet cool in the summers between.

Those with poor circulation can really suffer during the colder months and Silversocks’ temperature-regulating properties ensure that when blood supply to the toes is poor, skin is kept warm, preventing winter health worries like chilblains.

Snug winter boots are a definite must when combating the big chill but enclosed footwear can create all sorts of problems, not least of all, blisters. Silversocks reduce the heat caused by friction that can occur with tight shoes, helping to keep painful blisters at bay.

The socks were developed with Great Ormond Street Hospital for children who suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and they are given freely there to children who need to control the temperature of their feet and prevent blistering.

Carnation Silversocks retail at £5.99 including VAT and are available from our website