Buy a Defibrillator: Save time = Save Lives

Someone who is having a cardiac arrest will suddenly lose consciousness and will stop breathing or stop breathing normally. Unless immediately treated by CPR this always leads to death within minutes.

A new study has found that keeping resuscitation efforts going for as long as 38 minutes could improve brain function in survivors. The sooner that CPR is started after someone’s heart stops, the better.

If your friend, family member or colleague’s heart stops you would have to carry out CPR until the ambulance arrives, which could be as long as 11 minutes. Those 11 minutes are going to feel like the longest 11 minutes of your life, they will be tiring and you will be most likely be panicked and scared.

But it’s important that you carry on the CPR without stopping until the paramedics arrive, because if you stop then the oxygen needed to be pumped around in the casualty’s blood won’t get to the brain and vital organs.

When the ambulance arrives to paramedics will use a defibrillator to use an electric current to shock the heart back into a stable and regular rhythm.

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) recommends defibrillation for SCA victims within 3 to 5 minutes of collapse. Emergency response teams average 11 minutes to deliver a shock.

However, defibrillators have come down markedly in price in recent years and they are no longer just for the medical services.

This affordability of defibrillators means they are accessible for offices, hotels, shops, factories and business premises.

We have just started selling affordable defibrillators made by leading manufacturer Cardiac Science, which are tough, reliable and save lives! They even come with a reassuring 8 year AED warranty and a 4 year full operational guarantee on the medical grade battery.

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Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED Automatic Defibrillator

When a shock is delivered within 3 minutes, survival rates can increase from 5 percent (when waiting for emergency medical personnel) to as high as 75 percent.

Our Cardiac Science defibrillators are completely automated, meaning that someone without any first aid training can use it to save a person’s life. Simply by following the images within the case to attach the pads and the defibrillator takes care of the rest. We also have another version which for just a few pounds more uses voice and text commands to guide the user through the actions needed.

When the chance of survival is 12 times higher if a defibrillator can be used straight away rather than waiting for the emergency services, is there any good reason why you shouldn’t have one in your workplace or premises? Hopefully you will never need one, but at our affordable price you could certainly regret not buying one!