NEW! Limited Edition Invisibliss – Barely there footcare for instant blister relief

Dancing the night away and pounding the pavement shopping can leave feet sore and blistered, particularly if you are vulnerable to the lure of impractical shoes. The rubbing caused by sparkly skyscrapers, strappy sandals and even cute pumps can be unbearable, but with the launch of the Limited Edition, Invisibliss from Carnation Footcare, you can take the pain away with barely there footcare.

Limited edition Invisibliss by Carnation Footcare is a nearly invisible plaster, designed to provide immediate relief from the pain of blisters. Brand new to the Carnation collection, these unique plasters act to cushion the area, relieving pressure while providing optimum healing conditions to get feet back to their revealing best.

The near invisible design means that you can keep your feet protected without spoiling this season’s look.  Designed to allow your own skin tone to shine through, both plaster and blister are cunningly disguised, placing your shoes, not your feet in the spotlight.

Available with fabulously glossy, collectable, ‘Sex and the City’ inspired limited edition cover, fashionistas can now party pain-free.

Whether it’s a night out on the town or a mad shopping spree, Invisibliss ‘invisible’ plasters will be every shoe lover’s saviour. Available for just £1.99 on limited edition release from, Invisibliss looks set to be the handbag essential of 2009!