Pamper Feet for Summer’s Stylish Sandals

If the glossies are anything to go by, sandals; be they fringed, caged or gladiator, are still high on the style-o–meter this summer. Warm boots and ballets have no doubt been worn all winter and so the thought of baring your toes can fill some women with dread.

Regular trips to the beauty salon can be expensive, so for an affordable way to prep your feet for sandal season, why not try some of the fantastic foot-friendly products on offer from Carnation Footcare.

Dave Wain, Carnation Footcare Podiatrist, says, “The change from closed shoes to sandals in the summer can leave women with a host of footcare woes to contend with, from corns to cracked heels. Luckily, with the help of Carnation Footcare’s range, walking tall this summer is easy.”

To get rid of hard skin that may have built up whilst the sun was in hiding, Carnation Exfoliating Foot Scrub, containing apricot seed and walnut shell, will not only revive your feet but put much-needed moisture back into tired toes.

If trotting around town in this season’s latest shoes and the high summer heat leads to painful blisters then Carnation HydroBlister is on hand to help. By creating a discreet gel barrier, HydroBlister allows the area to heal quickly and effectively, leaving your feet pain-free.

To prevent any further sore spots, pop a Carnation Anti-Blister Stick into your handbag. The Anti-Blister Stick provides an invisible protective layer for any friction points, allowing you to show off summer’s stylish shoes, minus painful pinches.

There’s nothing like walking around in the hot summer heat to leave feet sore and swollen so try new Carnation Refreshing Foot Spray with cooling citrus to revitalise weary toes.

Visit or call 0121 544 7117 for details on the full product range.

Note: Diabetics and those worried about their feet should always take advice from their pharmacist, GP or chiropodist.