Protex Facemasks Perfect Protection For DIY

Recent research published in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research has warned of the dangers to DIY enthusiasts and construction workers caused by breathing in harmful particles which are released during building and refurbishment work.

Scientists found that concentrations of potentially harmful ultra-fine particles can reach up to 4000 times the local background levels when undertaking building activities such as drilling, sanding and sawing. Researchers also found that the greatest ultrafine particle emissions occurred during wall chasing and drilling when cutting grooves in walls for cables.

Our ranges of Protex face masks offer varying degrees of respiratory protection against dust, particles and fumes. All Protex Respirators use both mechanical and electrostatic filtration technology to optimise filtration efficiency. An extensive research and testing programme has developed combinations of filter media effective at all levels of EN149. Our Protex S3 Facemask is at least 98% effective against fine dusts and can be used for protection where the level of contamination is up to 20 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL).

With the risk of breathing particles linked with serious cardiovascular and respiratory system related diseases, it simply isn’t worth the risk of not wearing a facemask.

As Dr Kumar who ran the research said,
“In the meantime, construction workers and those undertaking their own building projects, should always err on the side of caution and WEAR FACE MASKS when undertaking activities that could throw out dust. Some of the most harmful particles are invisible and we shouldn’t underestimate the effect on our health, and on the health of those around us.”

Protex face mask are designed to be comfortable to wear with 100% soft cool cotton linings which mould easily to your face without any metal staples or fittings.

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