Putting the power back into your step

We’ve all noticed how, after a day of walking, our feet can really feel the strain. During a lifetime, we take enough steps to walk around the planet more than four times – approximately 115,000 miles, which means proper foot care is imperative to keep feet healthy.

Powerstep from Carnation Footcare is a unique podiatric support system designed to correct and stabilise foot alignment. By aiding foot posture and mechanics Powerstep helps to relieve heel and arch pain and protect against injury.

Podiatrist, Dave Wain says, “Hard surfaces and lots of walking can cause more problems for people who excessively pronate (excessive rolling inwards of the feet). Research indicates that up to 90% of the population excessively pronate, which causes arches to flatten, collapse and soft tissue to stretch abnormally, causing the joint surfaces to function at unnatural angles to each other.

“At first this causes fatigue and strain on the arch, heel, ankle, knee and back, often resulting in great pain, but Powerstep can provide great relief.”

Excessive pronation will be diagnosed by a visit to a podiatrist but Dave Wain has some tell tale signs that you can check for yourself:

1) Look at wear patterns on the bottom of your shoes, extreme wear on the balls of the feet especially towards the big toe area is often a sign.

2) Place your shoes on a level surface and look at the heels at eye level, look for heels that tilt the shoes inwards.

3) Stand barefoot with a mirror behind you, the Achilles tendons at the back of your heels should run straight in normal feet. Also look at the bony prominence each side of your ankle. They should look fairly equal, but if one side is more pronounced than the other this can be an indicator.

Dave Wain says, “By preventing excessive pronation with Powerstep, the likelihood of other related conditions such as bunions, corns and even ingrown toe nails occurring can be reduced.”

Powerstep helps feet withstand the most gruelling of walks with a 4-part design, including:

– A heel cradle and platform for stability
– A prescription standard arch support
– A unique double layer cushion casing
– An anti-bacterial top layer to help prevent odours

Powerstep is available from pharmacies in S, M and L, priced £22.99.

For further information about Powerstep contact Carnation Footcare on 0800 018 7117 or visit www.powerstep.co.uk. For more information on the complete Carnation Footcare range, please go to www.carnationfootcare.co.uk