Soothe and protect painful blisters with Carnation Footcare

Blisters are painful bubbles of fluid caused by a combination of heat, moisture and friction on the skin of the feet. The space between the layers of skin fills with fluid to cushion the affected area, causing it to swell.

It is important to treat blisters quickly, protecting the stretched skin from further damage, which could cause it to tear or become infected. Hydro Blister, from Carnation Footcare works by cushioning the area, protecting it from infection and absorbing fluid to help it heal as quickly as possible. It is made from an advanced hydrocolloid, a material that absorbs fluid (up to 3 times its own weight) to form a gel barrier that protects the skin from bacteria, while creating an ideal healing environment.

The cushioning effect of the dressing relieves pressure around the blister to prevent pain and further damage to the area.
The dressing can be applied to moist as well as dry skin, which is ideal if the blistered skin has been broken. The dressings are completely wash-proof so can be then left in place until it loosens, allowing the skin time to heal completely until it is exposed again.

Carnation Hydro Blister and Blister Care are both available from our website