Top 10 Footcare Tips From Carnation Footcare

  1. Strengthen your feet and toes by consciously straightening your toes, then wiggling them around.
  2. Increase foot flexibility by standing facing a wall about two feet away. Place one foot against the wall, 3-4 inches from the floor, keeping your heel on the floor.
  3. Gently move your knee towards the wall until you feel slight stretching. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat five times, and then do the same with the other foot.
  4. Stretch your heels by standing with your back to a wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward and bend the front leg, keeping the back leg straight.
  5. Walk in sand whenever you have the opportunity, which both keeps feet smooth and gives them a thorough workout.
  6. Get rid of corns with Carnation Corn Caps.
  7. To improve circulation, line a basin with marbles and fill with cold water. Immerse your feet and move them over the marbles. Then give your feet a good rub and put on some warm socks.
  8. File away unsightly hard skin for silky smooth feet.
  9. For strong ankles do 20 ankle rotations per foot per day – ten in each direction. Make sure you keep your leg as still as possible, and rotate the foot from the ankle joint.
  10. Prevent and treat blisters with Carnation Hydrocolloid Blister Care Dressings.
  11. Whilst sitting, roll your feet backwards and forward over a tennis ball or a plastic bottle (filling it with sand helps). Concentrate on rolling on the arch of your feet.

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