You’ve got to roll with it – Carnation Footcare launches Pediroller

Are you suffering from a burning in your sole? Provide immediate relief from common arch and heel pain with Carnation Footcare’s new product, PediRoller.

Over straining of the thick band of tissue that runs along the underside of the foot (the plantar fascia) can cause inflammation and sharp pains in the heel and arch; a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

Podiatrist Dave Wain says; “Heel and arch pain is incredibly common, especially for those who spend long periods on their feet. Regularly massaging the area with the PediRoller will help to strengthen the foot muscles and prevent straining, reducing the pain.”

Used twice a day, the PediRoller’s ridged design provides on-the-spot comfort to the area, helping to relax the bottom of the foot – perfect after a long day.

Dave notes, “For years, podiatrists have recommended freezing a water bottle to relieve the pain caused by plantar faciitis. Carnation has created the first massage product, designed specifically to treat this common problem.”

For an extra inflammatory effect, the PediRoller can also be frozen before use, which will help to reduce any swelling in the plantar fascia and ease the tension in the underside of the feet.

To banish foot pain and relax your feet after a long day, simply roll the PediRoller back and forth under the foot for 5 minutes each evening.

Carnation Footcare Pediroller range is available from our website Click Here