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Protex S3 Face Mask (EN149 FFP3) – Box of 20


S3 and S3V respirators as well as Protex face coverings are  available for despatch now (whilst stocks last).


Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK

  • colour coded nose bands: FFP1 White, FFP2 Blue, FFP3 Green
  • 100% soft cool cotton linings which mould easily to shape of face
  • designed for low breathing resistance
  • advanced filtration systems for optimum performance and comfort
  • comfortable during an 8 hour shift
  • no metal staples or fittings

S3 protects against particulate dusts, fumes and pollens. It is at least 98% effective against fine dusts and can be used for protection where the level of contamination is up to 20 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL).

These respirators meet the exacting requirements of EN149 FFP3S whilst retaining the fit and comfort factors established by the Protex range. In many of the more demanding working environments the S3 has proved a technically advanced yet light, comfortable and cost effective solution.

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